Our Journey, Our Purpose and Our Destiny

Today, I would love to share my thoughts on Our Journey , Our Purpose and Our Destiny. Life is a Blessing which comes with no guarantee. We are given free will and choice. That is why we must embrace everyday for tomorrow is not promised.

Along our journey, there are times we are faced with obstacles. We often get upset and ask WHY?? We face struggles, loosing our loved ones, fears, sickness, financial struggles and disappointments. Again, we ask WHY?? So, how can we stay Positive and remove this?

The answer is thru Faith, Prayer, Choice and Positive Thinking, that's how. How does one heal to move forward? Start your day with asking your Angels to surround you in the white light. Ask your Angels to help you and guide you to focus on the process of healing.  Another positive way to start would be by saying good morning and saying "Thank You" for another blessed day. 

I know loosing a loved one is the hardest. It crushes our soul with the "Whys?!!". Yet, we cannot question God. He needs his Angels. Talking to your loved ones and letting them know how much you love them will bring them happiness. Tell your loved ones thank you for the signs you receive. Share their memories with a smile and know they have eternal life. 

 Surrounding yourself with natures beauty and taking a walk will help shift the energy bringing you tranquility we need. Playing soft music and lighting candles brings in positive energy. Smudging helps remove the negativity and allows positive flow. Make time for yourself and doing the things that makes you happy is very important.

I know it is hard to stay Positive but the good news is we can ask for help. Focusing on healing ones heart, soul and mind is done with Faith. Our Angels will guide you! Just ask for their help so they may intervene and help your healing process begin. Let go of blaming others for your choices. We have free will and choice. Yet, sometimes we make the wrong choice whichleads us to a better path by a lesson. Sometimes it takes risk and yet some let fear stop them. Fear loves to keep us from reaching our Destiny. Fear loves to block and give us obstacles.

I say this often..... Let Fear Go and Let FAITH embrace your SOUL!!!!  I also say...... Celebrate before the Celebration and embrace your beautiful destiny! Vision and receive what is destined for you. Say "Thank You" more often.

Sending you healing energies so that I can help you.

Love & Blessings!!

Rosie XO

Rosie Cepero