"Everything happens for a reason and meeting Rosie is no exception."

"She has totally changed my life, in ways I never would have imagined. She has allowed me to delve into my own spirituality which has enhanced my life in abundance. Not only did I have the opportunity to be a part of her show, but we instantly bonded and a new friendship was formed. I truly believe our angels brought us together for a reason and only the future will tell why that is. She is just like you see on TV, not overly energized or loud, but sweet, compassionate and real. A moment with Rosie will change your life and positively impact it forever."

- Michelle Irene Stupski, Author and Business Owner


"My experience on 'Angels Among Us' was unbelievable."

"Beyond our expectations. I can't even remember how I ended up with the opportunity, but from the start, all was told was that there was a woman that spoke to Angels and I had a chance to go to her home and have a reading... As long as I knew when I got there, there was no guarantees that she would see anything or that a reading would happen. I was warned that the show was truly organic and there were no promises about the reading. 
My husband was reluctant to go on the show or to visit a medium. Let's just say he was not the biggest believer in anything like this. We were visiting family in Hanover, PA when I got an email that said they they had a spot for me to go see Rosie if I wanted to visit, but I'd have to drive up to NY to go. Which was perfect because we live in Columbus, OH and we just happened to be visiting PA and weren't far from Rosie's house. 
I talked my husband into going with me. I had been to a medium before, but we always laugh about it because I think I was more psychic than the first medium I met. This time I asked my husband to trust me and my intuition, that I would know instantly if there was a connection. Let's just say that as soon as we pulled into their beautiful driveway, I knew something good was going to happen.  I told my husband— oh this is going to get real. I could just feel it.
When I met Rosie, my eyes teared up. There are something so special about her. Her house, her yard, everything just had this calm sweet sense about it. It felt like I was with a relative yet, that was the first time we had ever met. And I could tell she didn't know me at all.
 In the show, you see me crying…  Kind of the whole time. I was just so taken back by the experience. But what you don't get to see on the show is the depth of our conversation, the honesty and love that Rosie gave to my husband and I. And really, I think Rosie and I could have had a conversation without words-- we were very connected for two people that had never met. 
One of the biggest surprises for us, was how many details Rosie mentioned. I always have felt like I had something around me— like even as a little girl, I felt like there was some kind of an angel presence around. I felt like a crazy person talking about it so I usually kept to to myself. Until Rosie… she instantly knew what I had felt my entire life. Even better, to hear her say my grandma was around. She described my Grandmother so perfectly. She even looked at me and said Irish— no one looks at me and says that! There were details about my grandma that only my family would know. And even better, something the viewers missed, she talks about Jason's grandma, she was so opposite of my grandma. And Rosie called it spot on. The way she described both of our grandmothers, really hit home for us. 
Another emotional part of my reading was Rosie said she saw a grandmother holding a baby. My husband and I lost out first son, Jonas at two days old. When he passed, I felt a lot of guilt. I felt like he was alone. And that hurt. When my Grandma passed, I told my mom: "I wonder if Grandma found Jonas and he's okay." No one knew that conversation happened. And sure enough Rosie said “She’s holding a baby and she says she's got him and he's okay.” 
Meeting Rosie really helped heal our hearts, spiritually and as a couple. I will always be grateful, that even if for one hour, I got to feel my grandmother around and got to feel a sense of closure that Jonas is not alone and he's with one of the best people I will ever know.
Thank you so much to Rosie and her kindness. And thank you Rosie for sincerely caring about me. I’ll always be grateful for our connection."

- Samantha Bennett

"Rosie Cepero is the real deal. She was patient and sweet.  Kind and helpful. Our telephone conversation was bittersweet but heartwarming and heart pounding."

The very last day we ever saw our son Chris alive was October 13, 2008.  Later that evening, I recalled one particular photo I had taken of our two children many years before.  I got out of bed at 3:00 a.m. the following morning to look for it.  I found the photo I was looking for in the first album I selected.  It was ABSOLUTE CONFIRMATION - there were my son and daughter at a childhood lake with the date written in the sand - October 13th, 1990.  
October 13th, 2014 -Rosie called me in response to my letter to her about our son. 
October 13th, 2008 - the last day we ever saw our son alive. 
October 13th, 1990 - the only day we had ever written a date in the sand (or anywhere for that matter). 
I am sure there are ANGELS AMONG US because I am confident that our son, Christopher Elliott "Gutta" Jones, is one of them.  He was an innocent victim who had done nothing wrong.  I absolutely believe.
Rosie Cepero is the real deal. She was patient and sweet.  Kind and helpful. Our telephone conversation was bittersweet but heartwarming and heart pounding. Rosie told me that I was number One on her call list that morning. I told her that Christopher's music production company was named WUN Entertainment. I will be forever grateful to Rosie Cepero, for her profound gifts, and for sharing Christopher's message with us."
-Robyn Jones
"A week before Christmas in December of 2008, our only son Christopher was shot dead at point blank range in the back of the head when he stood up for a female employee in a nightclub where he happened to be a patron that particular evening when invited out by friends.  His so called friends ran away and left him there to die alone.  Our lives have never been the same, changed forever by someone we do not even know.  We never got to say goodbye to our son Christopher because we did not live in that area.  We never got to tell him one last time how much we loved him or just how proud of him we always had
And so in early October 2014, when I was having a particularly hard time with Christopher's death, I wrote a letter to Rosie Cepero after watching several episodes of "Angels Among Us".  I was so moved by Rosie's abilities and compassion, that I wrote her a heart wrenching letter, never expecting a response, because there are so many people that have lost loved ones and are just as devastated as we are.  I "spoke" to our son Chris and asked that if he could really hear me that maybe somehow he could get Rosie to just acknowledge my letter and that I desperately needed to hear from him. 
On October 13, 2014, Rosie Cepero personally telephoned me and said she had selected my letter "because she could feel how broken my heart was, how heavy my burden was".  Rosie said she called to tell me that Chris was always around me even when I couldn't feel him there.  But the most startling thing Rosie told me, her most important and unsolicited message to me, unbeknownst to her, was what I had asked of my son every time I prayed for him - that (1) Chris said to tell me that he would be the first person I would see when it was my time to crossover, and (2) that he was truly at peace (and couldn't bear that I was so sad).   More than anything, I truly wanted him to be at peace because his death had been so violent and untimely. 
But further confirmation of those messages - that it really was Christopher that had contacted her - was the date she had called.  Rosie called me on October 13, 2014.